Dragonflies and Damselflies of the Great Britain and Ireland

White-Legged Damselfly ( Platycnemis pennipes )

Small Red Damselfly ( Ceriagrion tenellum )

Azure Damselfly ( Coenagrion puella )

Variable Damselfly ( Coenagrion pulchellum )

Blue-Tailed Damselfly ( Ischnura elegans )

Red-Eyed Damselfly ( Erythromma najas )

Small Red-Eyed Damselfly ( Erythromma viridulum )

Golden -ringed Dragonfly ( Cordulegaster boltonii )

Four-Spotted Chaser ( Libellula quadrimaculata )

Scarce Chaser ( Libellula fulva )

Broad-bodied Chaser ( Libellula depressa )

Black-Tailed Skimmer ( Orthetrum cancellatum )

Keeled Skimmer ( Orthetrum coerulescens )

Black Darter ( Sympetrum danae )

Red Veined Darter ( Sympetrum fonscolombii )


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